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TRAVELERS EVERYWHERE Face The Challenge Of Planning A well put Together Vacation. 


I am Penny Mason, the founder, travel adviser, trip preparer, and creative driving force behind the client-centric ​boutique ​travel planning company Diamond Dreams Travel​.​ ​Based in North Las Vegas, Nevada​,​our dedicated team of trip preparers is passionate about delivering exceptional service every time.​ We​ work one-on-one, only accepting a limited number of travel planning requests to focus on planning and turning your dream trip request into a memorable reality.

With you to plan​,​ ​​craft, and turn your dream trip into a reality. ​ We help ease the pain points of travel planning and deliver ​to you​ well put together a dream come true immersive vacation experiences customized just for you. It could be a birthday celebration, an extravagant ​girls trip,​​ ​​local luxury ​staycation, pilgrimage, anniversaries, festivals, ​themed event, ​reunions, guy-cations, an amazing party ​, dream big with us.

we're here to help with every step of the planning process


In today's corvid-19 world, having a professional travel adviser to advocate on your behalf when dealing with cancellations, last-minute travel changes, refunds, and a whole host of travel-related issues is priceless. Having a professional trip preparer to take your vacation vision and bring it to life on an elevated level is priceless. Having professional travel advisers & trip preparers to help you navigate the world-wide-web and the myriad of travel products & offers it brings, craft & customize your trip itinerary around your personal specification, do all the research & planning necessary to bring your dream vacation to fruition....is "Priceless" This is what our dedicated, passionate, creative team members do here at Diamond Dreams Travel.


  • We offer insights,

  • ​C​consultation  

  • Trip​ Execution  

  • ​Partner support 

  • ​C​customized travel planning, 

  • ​Destinaion info​ & update​  

  • ​T​rip research,

  • ​I​itinerary development,

  • Logistic​ Coordinator

  • Theme Execution

  • Vendor Management

We plan private travel events, groups, parties, celebrations, special occasions, plus more...Bring your trip vision to us and our dedicated team will turn it into a dream vacation come true.


Passionate, Creative, Dedicated

Meet The Team


Behind the scenes Owner, Travel Adviser, Event & Trip Planner, Web Designer, Trip Host


Trip Researcher, Social Media, Trip & Event Entertainer, Host & MC


Local Guide, Trip Host & Trip Planner, Assistant  Manager


Local Foot Soilder,Trip Photogrpher, Social Media