TRAVELERS EVERYWHERE Face The Challenge Of Planning A well put Together Vacation. 

Located in Las Vegas Nevada. Diamond Dreams Travel is a luxury service boutique travel agency with a focus on curated travel experiences & customized vacation itineratiion: Special celebration events,  staycation, pilgrimages, anniversaries, festivals, reunions, girls, guy, & bae-cations, and more...our trip preparers will create an incredible itinerary for your travels.

In today's corvid-19 world, having a professional travel adviser to advocate on your behalf when dealing with cancellations, last-minute travel changes, refunds, and a whole host of travel-related issues is priceless. Having a professional trip preparer to take your vacation vision and bring it to life on an elevated level is priceless. Having professional travel advisers & trip preparers to help you navigate the world-wide-web and the myriad of travel products & offers it brings, craft & customize your trip itinerary around your personal specification, do all the research & planning necessary to bring your dream vacation to "Priceless" This is what our dedicated, passionate, creative team members do here at Diamond Dreams Travel.  We help ease the pain points of travel planning and deliver your well put together dream come true immersive vacation experiences customized just for you. 



  • We plan private travel events, groups, parties, celebrations, special occasions, plus more...

  • ​We​ ​offer​ insights, support, customized travel planning, destination info,  ​trip​​ research, itinerary development, consultation, immersive travel experiences,... 

  • We do this for individuals, couples & small, medium & large groups.

Bring your trip vision to us and our dedicated team will turn it into a dream vacation come true.

About Us

Passionate, Creative, Dedicated

Meet The Team


Behind the scenes CEO, Owner, Travel Adviser, Event & Trip Planner, Web Designer, Trip Host


TRip Researcher, Social Media, Trip & Event Entertainer, Host & MC


Local Guide, Trip Host & Trip Planner, Assistant  Manager


Local Foot Soilder,Trip Photogrpher, Social Media