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Where Members Share One Major Thing In Common -Their  Love For world-class Travel!


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 Our member's community-based startup offers an array of travel products and services carefully curated for groups of individuals with similar interests in travel while creating a space for connection, engagement, and staying abreast of the latest news in the travel industry and our brand. In addition, you gain exclusive access to unique member content, unpublished travel offers an extensive array of value-added travel products and services, a​ personalized ​range of curated experiences, luxury amenities, and personalized attention given to each "unique as a diamond" itinerary we design specifically tailored to your exact travel/vacation needs. We do for small groups of one, two, or medium-sized groups of six to twelve, and even larger groups post Covid-19.

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Our love of travel passion lies in crafting highly personalized dream trip itineraries from scratch for sophisticated travels like you, seeking exclusive, all-inclusive unforgettable, vacation experiences around the world. We help ease the pain points of planning your dream vacation by doing all the legwork for you. We do this effortlessly so all you have to do is arrived and enjoy. We don't stop there. When you join our member community, we work closely with you giving honest and helpful advice while organizing, managing, and problem-solving every aspect of your dream vacation itinerary to ensure you have a memorable and unique travel experience every time. 

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A customized itinerary is all about you and your guests. Our growing roster of partnerships with premier luxury suppliers affords us the opportunity to better connect you with the best travel offers, products, and services in the industry. Whether you’re looking to explore some of the United States' most memorable travel destinations or travel to far-flung places of the beaten path, our team of trip preparers will help guide you through the process of planning and crafting your ultimate dream vacation near or far.  Joining our community puts you in the best place to receive such support and help with vacation planning pre/post-COVID-19 and beyond. Your time is valuable. Employ our dedicated team to spend endless hours sifting through vast and confusing information online?
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"It's not the destination, it's the people we meet and the lesson we learn"

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Never Go On Vacation Without It!


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  •  One-Stop-Shop For Every Aspect Of Your Travel Planning Needs    

  • Exceptional Value-Added Amenities & VIP Services  

  • Customized Travel Planning And Itinerary Design For Your Own Unique Vacation Experience

  • Airport/Hotel Transfers

  • Invitation Only Gems Member's Las Vegas Mixer  

  • Commercial & Chartered Premium Flights Ticketing

  • Negotiated Hotel Rates Worldwide

  • Preferred Travel Rates & Discounts 

  • Commercial Events & Party Package offers

  • Your Personal Advocate For Travel Emergency 

  • Destinations advice and tips 

  • Travel Package Upgrade

  • Reservation, Car, And Travel Insurance Services  

  • Members-Only Exclusive Travel Content & Offers

  • Special Offers From Preferred Luxury Suppliers 

  • Group Dedicated Travel Page For You And Your Guests

  • Invitation Only Annual Gems Member's Las Vegas Mixer    

  • Swag Bag Included With DDT Exclusives trips  

  • Personalization, Recommendations, Convenience, And Support Before During, And After Your Return Trip Home

  • Members receive access to our unique product and service not found anywhere else but here

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We speak fluent Vacation planning and would love to speak with you about your dream vacation request. The vacations ideas below are only a few of the many experince waiting to be had. The possibilities are endless.
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Vacation Experience

   Experience the extraordinary when discovering all the ways our team can help in planning a tailored​ private ​vacation​ experience​ for you and your guest.  A plethora of opportunities for​ immersive and authentic experiences abound,*wine tasting, *sailing, *horseback riding, *decadent spa retreats​ ​, *special milestone birthday celebrations, *anniversaries, *reunions, *girl's trips,* bae-cations, *mancations, *cruises, and more, we handle every detail, custom designing your itinerary until it's 100% to your satisfaction.

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Every Taste & Style


  Enjoy world-class​ luxury ​accommodations​ when booking your dream vacation escape with us. From destination resorts that are attractions in and of themselves​, luxury villas in paradise-inspired destinations, city-center hotels that ooze urban elegance to secluded lake-side cabins, romantic and historic castles in​ all their​ aristocratic splendor. It's your home away of choice when on vacation, so choose your creature comforts carefully. Sourcing the best luxury accommodation is an important part of your trip and we deliver every time. 

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Plan Your Dream Vaction

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 I Am Looking Looking For Booking Assistance With Leisure  Travel only 

I Am Looking For A More Tailored Vacation Experience 

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Vegas Trip Experience

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Celebrate a sizzling hot Valentine's in Las Vegas with your significant others, For adults only. Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.​

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 Now Is The Time to prepare and book your dream vacation for 2021 and beyond. The global pandemic has left world travelers and those who travel close to home a bit out of sync. With so much uncertainty, coronavirus surges happening globally, border closures, and another lockdown sure to happen sooner than later, what's a traveler to do? I will tell you. Take a breathe, relax, and get proactive about your future dream travel plans ASAP! With help on the way of a potent vaccine to crush COVID-19, travel will resume fierce urgency. Wing clipped travelers across the globe will be itching to get out and about exploring the planet once again. When this happens, everyone, and I mean everyone, will be hitting the net at the same time, looking to book their long-awaited escape. This means your favorite destination will get booked before your finger can tap the "Book Now" button on your computer screen. It is going to be bananas trying to book your favorite destination vacation. You will be waitlisted to visit many of your favorite hot spots. Again, now is the time to plan and book. WARNING!!! Be smart about booking travel and turn to the professional like us. Why? With all the horrors associated with the global pandemic, it showed travelers. #2 travel insurance is VERY IMPORTANT and #1 It is imperative to have a professional advocate on your side when dealing with last minute travel, cancellations, refunds, understanding the fine print, getting stuck someplace outside your comfort zone... the list goes on and on. Allow the travel professional to navigate the troubled waters of travel plans gone wrong in a crisis; We have insider knowledge and connections that a novice DIY travel planner doesn't. Yes, you can plan and book your own travel. The myriad of deals and savings online promise you everything but the kitchen sink. But wait! you missed your flight, or you did not read the fine print, Whoa!. Why endure this kind of scenario, the long phone holds, the pain, and the headache of travel planning and booking on your own

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