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Putting On The Ritz

Extravagant &  Memorable Dessert  Adventure In The Desert


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4 Days/ 3 Nights Package
Starts In:  Las Vegas
Ends In:  Las Vegas
When: Coming 2022
Please Note:  Limited to a small group of registrants,  21 and older.
Trip Type:  Themed  Desserts, Jazz & Class


Putting On The Ritz


Celebrate the sweet life on an indulgent, dessert-themed tasting party in Las Vegas. Las Vegas, home to an abundance of luxury-themed hotels, casinos, shops, world-class entertainment, also offers an endless array of unique designed over-the-top delectable dessert tastings.f you have a sweet tooth and desserts are your thing, our "Putting On The Ritz" package provides the perfect sugar experience on a high note.
Combined with a touch of sophistication, class, and elegance, guests will celebrate and savor the themed star dessert each day. From awe-inspiring t