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Professional Travel Planning Service

 Put Our Team Of Experts 

To Work For Your Next Dream Travel Adventures

Your Dream Vacation Escape Begins With An Idea. How you start to implement that Idea is solely up to you. Do you prefer to DIY alone, or do you prefer to have a professional travel advisor there to advocate on your behalf? Our team of trip preparers can help you save time & money when dealing with cancellations, last-minute travel changes, refunds, and a whole host of travel-related issues that can be HUGE stressors during the process of vacation planning? 

WHY USE A PROFESSIONAL TRAVEL PLANNER? Getting stuck outside the country due to an outbreak, being on the phone hours on end trying to get a refund or an understanding, attempting to navigate your group, and manage all their needs, or wanting to do a last-minute change on your booked trip only to realize you did not read the fine print that says you cannot... A list like this can go on and on with so many unforeseen mishaps that could not only be a waste of time but cost you big money when it comes to travel planning and booking. Whether we are customizing an itinerary for an individual, couples, or group​, our​ trip preparers provide high-quality service every time.  We overlook no detail as we put together your dream come true one-of-a-kind trip itinerary. We manage every detail of your trip request with a keen eye, from ​start to finish​, creating immersive, ​luxury travel ​experiences you won't soon forget.


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We Plan

It starts with a travel questionnaire followed by a 30-minute phone conversation. We ask you questions to better understand your travel desires and goals for your trip. You ask us questions to better understand the service we provide and maybe get advice on various aspects of the trip you are dreaming of. After the initial conversation, and you're ready to move forward with customizing, booking, and planning​ your trip with us​, great! A service agreement and a payment request will arrive in your inbox to get the ball rolling.


Oh! The Things We Do For You


Conversations with you about your dream vacation ideas. From simple, complex to highly customized and requested travel. We will determine the best possible vacation scenario for your particular needs.

  • We offer one-stop shopping for all travel arrangements.

  • We craft itineraries and travel arrangements that mesh with both your financial limitations as well as your travel expectations.

  • We book cruises & cruise/tours

  • We may suggest complete travel packages from our tour partners or craft one from scratch that match your dream vacation request.   

  • We reserve your luxury accommodations whether it be a luxury hotel villa resort etc...

  • We arrange your ground transportation, private charter flights -airport transfer or car service, etc...

  • We Handle all the arrangements for your customized travel events:*girl's trip *reunions *anniversaries, birthday celebrations, etc...

  • We offer travel insurance.

  • We advise you about passport/visa requirements, other domestic and international travel requirements, COVID-19 updates, and more...

  • We act as your advocate before, during, and after your trip

 We are here to help make the process of travel planning easier for you and ensure that you experience the best trip possible. 


We Research

 At this point, you have submitted the travel questionnaire, signed the service agreement, and paid the initial upfront fees. We have communicated with you by phone or zoom and discussed the various aspects of your trip requests, answered some questions and we are excited, poised, and ready to move forward with researching and planning your dream vacation with us...

Clients Include 



*Specialty groups 

*Internet challenged



*Travelers who do not wish to spend long exhausting hours scouring the internet 

*Family & friends planning a special occasion group trip

*Travelers looking to save time and money  

* First-time cruisers

*Travelers who need light assistance with the booking of a trip

*Travelers who need assistance planning the logistics of a complex trip and more...


We Execute

It is at this phase that there will be a little back and forth on tweaking, fine-tuning, changing, adding to the proposed itinerary for customized services, or for a non-complex travel service assistance of booking a packaged vacation. We consult until it's to your 100% satisfaction. 

Let Out Team Of Professionals Have At It!


Diamond Dreams Travel is excited to offer customized, personalized, valuable, and time-saving quality vacation planning services. 

  • We are your trip researchers

  • We are your trip planners

  • We navigate the internet 4 you

  • We have the vendor and supplier relationships

  • We source through the gazillions of travel products and offers 4 you 

  • We are your advocates in the time of need 

  • We assist with the booking of cruises, expeditions & away tours

  • We craft & tailor customized luxury vacation itineraries based solely around your personal specifications

  • We are your support, before, during and after your vacation

  • We bring your dream trip vacation idea to life...


We Deliver

Once we deliver your customized final itinerary proposal, it's the time book it! We’ll process any payments due at this time. The full balance of your trip is due prior to your departure.  

Coronavirus Travel Considerations

COVID-19 cases and deaths have been reported in all 50 states and around the globe. The situation is active and constantly changing daily. It's because of this, all components of your vacation itinerary where necessary will be thoroughly vetted for COVID safety including selecting or recommending accommodations to ensure clean stays, no contact check-in, flexible cancellation policies, and refundable rates, restaurants checked for sanitary measures including employee mask mandates, up-to-date guidance on your planned destination COVID-19 related travel policies and restrictions, as-well-as mandated quarantines, health screening requirements upon your arrival, and state border closures.

 Three Levels of Service To Choose From

Pick Yours


Sapphire  Leisure Service


Include but not limited to:

  • General pre-travel consultation 

  • Trip research, assist with booking cruise, tours, hotel, resort, villa, packages 

  • Travel arrangements that mesh with both your financial limitations as well as your travel expectations 

  • Arranging and booking pre & post stays 

  • Airport/hotel transfer arrangements

  • Passport/Visa advice if your trip requires a visa 

  • Travel insurance advice and recommendation

  • Destination to-do  activities, excursions, events, dining reservations, and all other non-complex travel planning services


  • Flat-rate per-person trip planning fee: $55 & up per person (up to 4 travelers)

  • Expedited flat-rate  per-person trip planning:  $75 & up per person (up to 4 travelers)

  • More Than 4 Travelers: Additional $10  & up per person 

  • Trip research: Up to two different destination research included 

  • Additional destination searches: $20 & up depending on the additional number of destinations to research

  • Also, note that if you are planning your trip 3 months or less in advance, the cost per person will be starting at $100 per person

Gold Group


Include but are not limited to:  

  • Highly customized, personalized & coordinated one-stop shopping for all your group travel arrangements      

  • Initial pre-travel consultation to discuss your group travel needs

  • Travel arrangements that mesh with both your group financial limitations as well as your group travel expectations   

  • Tailored travel itinerary customized specifically for your group, including sourcing special amenities and group upgrades when available

  • Arrange and handle the group accommodations, resorts, villa stays, transportation, cruise/tours, sightseeing, small group tours, activities, excursions, meals, events, airport transfer, and ground transportation

  • Group customized daily itinerary designed to meet your specific group needs

  • Travel insurance advice and recommendation   

  • Advise your group about passport/visa requirements, other domestic and international travel requirements

  • Offer group payment options

  • Create a dedicated group page for easy communication and collecting individual payments 

  • Unlimited group support  


Professional fees are non-refundable, non-transferable, and subject to change without notice. Groups are 6 or more people traveling together

  • Highly Customized & Tailored group Trip Planning fee: $60 per day of travel, per group for up to a 10-day vacation

  • Expedited customized group trip planning fee:  $100 per day of travel, per group for up to a 10-day vacation

  • Larger groups, longer vacation request custom quote.

  • Group Trip Revisions: Up to two rounds included 

  • Additional Group  Trip Revisions: $25 & up depending on the complexity of the revisions

Diamond Tailored Service  


Include but not limited to:

  • Initial Consultation to discuss your goals and interests

  • Unlimited phone/email communication with you during the planning process  

  • Travel arrangements that mesh with both your financial limitations as well as your travel expectations 

  • A customized detailed day-to-day travel itinerary tailored specifically for you   

  • Expert guidance and trip advice that adds value to the travel planning process 

  • Travel insurance advice and recommendation 

  • Unlimited support before, during, and after your return trip home

  • All travel arrangements including (but not limited to) hotel, villa, resorts, private home, sightseeing excursions, and tours, sourcing of tickets for shows, sporting, festival or special events, black car service, charter flights, arrange airport meet and greet, dining reservations, wine tastings, private drivers & local guides & trip photographer for hire, all tailored to your interests, travel style, and personal taste

  • Depending on the complexity of the trip, the initial draft delivered to your inbox in 7-10 business days

  • After approval finalized itinerary delivered to your inbox  5-7 days


  • Highly Customized & Tailored Trip Planning: Starts at $75 & up per person per day of the trip (up to 4 travelers)

  • Expedited customized trip planning: Starts at $ 125 & up per person per day of the trip (up to 4 travelers)

  • More Than 4 Travelers: Additional $25 & up per person per day of the trip

  • Trip Revisions: Up to two rounds included

  • Additional Trip Revisions: $20 & up depending on the complexity of the revisions

 PLEASE NOTE: Travel planning fees are non-refundable and independent of all other costs involved in the vacation planning process. Ie; accommodations, car service, meals, activities, excursions, etc...If you have already planned and booked many components of your trip and you would like our team of professionals to take a peek at it, or you just need a bit of assistance and extra assurance about the choices you have made, please reach out to our team today!

To Kick Start The Planning Process

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 Pricing and service are subject to change. Always refer back to this page for updated information.

Last Updated: August 2020