• Penny Mason

"The sheer scale of the city makes Vegas's reopening trickier than elsewhere, though. Here, crowds are as much a part of the city’s DNA as the neon signs" according to CNtraveller.

When I heard that our city of Las Vegas would reopen, I was both excited and concerned at the same time. Could we really get back to some sort of normality here in this amazing city I call home? Amid the ongoing pandemic, I could hardly believe the bright lights of the famed Las Vegas strip and surrounding areas lit up the night sky once again? Yet here we are today with over half the country in the worst shape ever since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak. How could this be?

"Adventure In me"

According to today's story in the Washington Post "The grim reality of the novel coronavirus continues to batter the United States this weekend, with a record 44,782 new cases reported on Saturday, the second day in a row that new cases have risen above 40,000 and the fifth consecutive day setting a single-day record for cases."

With the uptick in new coronavirus cases, as a travel adviser, many of our world travelers and my very own ​wings have been temporarily clipped.

Travel will be back. If only for staycations, and close to home escapes. For now, we must remain steadfast and patient while practicing safety with the wearing of masks, washing of the hands, and social distancing.




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