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Luxury VACTION Planning & Itinerary Design

Your luxury vacation begins with an idea. Our team of travel experts and advisors puts an extraordinary amount of time and attention into every detail of your dream trip to ensure you have a seamless vaction experience. We can help you save time & money when dealing with cancellations, last-minute travel changes, refunds, and a host of travel-related issues. 


We begin by listening and learning about your interests, priorities, and personal travel style to give you authentically personalized insights. Whether designing a customized itinerary for an individual, couple, or group, our​ travel experts and advisers provide high-quality service every time while managing every aspect of your trip. Our expertise includes luxury vacation planning for birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, special milestones, private groups, clubs, and organizations.


Diamond Dreams Travel planners help make travel planning easier and ensure you experience the best trip possible by doing all the leg work. From simple and complex to highly customized luxury vacation planning requests, we​ specialize in the conception, designing, planning, & flawless execution of top-notch value-added itinerary designs.


  • We offer one-stop shopping for all travel arrangements.

  • We craft travel arrangements that mesh with your financial limitations and travel expectations.

  • We book cruises/tours.

  • We may suggest complete travel packages from our tour partners or design a customized itinerary from scratch that matches your luxury vacation request. 

  • We craft one-of-a-kind DDT Signature Trip offers not found anywhere else.

  • We reserve your luxury accommodations, whether a luxury hotel, villa resort, etc.

  • We arrange your ground transportation, private charter flights, airport transfer or car service, etc.

  • We Handle all the logistical arrangements for your bespoke travel events trip *reunions *anniversaries, birthday celebrations, etc.



*Individuals*Couples *Specialty groups *Internet challenged*Retirees*Adventurers*Travelers who do not wish to spend long, exhausting hours scouring the internet *Family & friends planning a unique, memorable group trip*Travelers looking to save time and money * First-time cruisers*Travelers who need light assistance with the booking of a trip*Travelers who need assistance planning the logistics of a complex trip and more.


Vacation planning involves time, research, and proper development of a well-put-together luxury vacation itinerary. We are the industry experts you employ to handle all the logistical legwork using our destination knowledge, industry connections, and experience. As with most professional travel agencies, we charge planning fees that include our initial consultation and the time involved in the research and development of the itinerary. Our travel experts and adviser will work closely with you on the itinerary revisions until you are 100% satisfied.


Below is an outline of our three service levels and fees for most trips based on trip complexity, duration, and the number of travelers.





Vacation Booking Assistance

You Get *General pre-travel consultation  Assist with booking cruises, tours, hotels, resorts, villas, activities, excursions, venues, and more.  *Recommendations about destination to-do activities, excursions, events, dining reservations, wine tasting, and more *Arranging and booking pre & post stays  *Airport/hotel transfer arrangements *Passport/Visa advice if your trip requires a visa  *Travel insurance advice and recommendation *Travel health review, health and safety protocols, covid destination restrictions Cost *An upfront flat-rate per-person fee of $75 & up per person for up to four travelers) is due before the start of service. The fee is non-refundable should you decide not to book the trip with us or cancel the trip for any reason. *Expedited trip flat-rate per-person vacation planning: If you need assistance with your vaction plans less than 60 days before departure, the minimum deposit will be ($125 & up per person for up to 4 travelers)  *More than 4 travelers include an additional fee of $25 & up per person.  *An additional fee of $25 & up applies for more than two destination searches.


  Groups of six or more guests

You Get *Initial pre-travel consultation to discuss your group travel needs *Travel arrangements that mesh with both your group's financial limitations as well as your group's travel expectations  *Tailored travel itinerary explicitly customized for your group, including unique sourced amenities and group upgrades when available. *Arrange and handle the group accommodations, resorts, villa stays, transportation, cruise/tours, sightseeing, small group tours, activities, excursions, meals, events,